California Solar Power

The California solar power incentive backed by government is making it easier for California homeowners to use green energy. This solar inducement is making it possible for homeowners to receive rebates, incentives, and savings on their Southern California solar equipment. There are a variety diverse installation and incentive possibilities to choose from for your household solar power plant system.

There are different types of solar panels on the market and most are characteristically rectangular panels that look like black glass. They are made from lesser solar “cells” that are bound and underwired together then assembled into a single panel. The solar cells work together to produce electricity in the solar panel. Although there are many dissimilar types of solar cells, most work in a comparable manner. A positive layer and a negative layer of silicon are forced together in the cell and as the sun hits one of the layers of silicon, it stimulates the free electrons which then stream back and forth to the other layer of silicon producing a natural electric current.

So to Sum-up

  1. Photons bombard and penetrate the cell.
  2. They activate electrons, whacking them free in both silicon layers.
  3. Some electrons in the bottom film sling-shot to the top of the cell.
  4. These free electrons stream into metal contacts as electricity, moving into a track throughout a cell module.
  5. Electrons flow back into the cell via a solid contact layer at the deepest point, creating a closed loop or circuit.